Our Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Services

Our Services

THE LAUNDRY BAG provides Chicago with the most simple and convenient laundry service options possible! We deliver to apartment buildings, condos, office buildings, fitness facilities, salons, spas, shelters and other locations throughout the city. THE LAUNDRY BAG strives to make doing your laundry so easy, it almost does itself.

Commercial Business Accounts
Are you a small to mid-sized Chicago business looking for a simple and convenient way to get your towels laundered? Then THE LAUNDRY BAG's Commercial Service is the perfect solution for you!

We provide spas, salons, fitness facilities, schools, chiropractors and other businesses with the highest level of service that is economical and efficient at great prices! We welcome the opportunity to customize an affordable rate plan for your business! Please call (847) 278-2456 for details..

Wash-N-Fold Service
Our wash-n-fold service is a simple and convenient method used by residents and businesses to send out their laundry to be done by professionals. Unlike dry-cleaning, this service launders your clothes in a washing machine and dryer similar to those you might have at home.

Our valet laundry service begins when we pick-up your unsorted soiled laundry. Upon processing, one of our attendants identifies the washing requirement of each item of clothing and separates them by color, temperature and degree of agitation. All clothes are separated into white and colored loads and washed separately from everyone else's laundry. Then an attendant safely washes every load with a high-quality detergent, mild bleach and optional fabric softener. They gently dry your clothes and carefully fold, then place each garment in our bag to return to you. What could be easier? Create time for yourself by letting us do your laundry.

Wash-N-Fold (minimum 20 lbs.): $1.40/pound
Or, get Unlimited Wash-N-Fold each month for only $69.95 per month. We call it Navy Rewards. Find out how it works!

Click for details of our Membership Program

Dry Cleaning and Laundering
Call us and/or use our Online Scheduler to schedule your service request. We will come to you. Items are packaged just like any other dry cleaning, but they are picked up and delivered at your convenience. Simple!
Shirt $2.25
Blouse $5.25
Sweater $5.95
Trousers (Short) $4.00
Trousers/Slacks $6.00
Blazer $6.95
Jacket $10.50
Vest $5.25
Dress $11.95
Dress Set $15.50
Business Suit (2 pieces) $13.50
Business Suit (3 pieces) $15.50
Leather Jacket/Coat
(Allow for 2 weeks before delivery)
Leather - $55.50
Comforter - based on size - *minimum 10 pieces without Wash-N-Fold Service. Leather, Suede, Downs items may require additional time for cleaning.

Same Day Service
Our same day service requires each client to schedule their service request pick-up any business day prior and up to 9:00 AM.

We guarantee delivery by the end of our business day. The fee for this service is an additional $10.00 per scheduled service request.
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